Extending the growing season

Plants to grow during the Autumn and Winter

Crop When to Grow How to Grow Tips
Broad beans Mid Feb – mid Mar Cells in gravel trays Use hardier/ shorter cultivars i.e. Aquadulce
Chard and leaf beet (perpetual spinach) August/ Early September Direct/ cells Swiss Chard is hardiest
Cabbage (spring) July and August Seedbeds/ modules/ trays September plantings better with protection
Carrots August Direct under cover Use nantes or smaller, fast growing types
Chicory August Direct/ cells Many cultivars, some hardier than others
Chinese cabbage August, September under cover Direct/ cells/ trays Best under cover to avoid frost damage
Chinese mustard September to November Direct Very easy and hardy. Many colourful varieties
Claytonia/ winter purslane August, September – October under cover Direct/ trays Very easy and hardy
Cress – Land/ Greek August and September. October under cover Direct/ cells/ trays August sowings may bolt
Garlic October to December Direct Short dormancy height
Kohl rabi Early August Direct/ cells Will spoil in hard frosts
Lettuce August – September Trays/ cells Later sowings must be winter cultivars under cover
Mizuna August – early October Direct/ cells/ trays October under cover
Mustard spinach (Komatsuna) August and September Direct Under cover may sow as late as October
Onion (sets) September Direct Excellent alternative to spring planted sets
Onion (seed) August Cell/ seedbed Must be correct cultivar
Onion (spring) August, September under cover Direct/ cells Lisbon type but also try oriental cultivars
Onion (spring) August, September under cover Direct/ cells Lisbon type but also try oriental cultivars
Pak choi August and September Direct/ cells/ trays Tat soi types hardiest
Parsley August Trays For a winter/ spring crop under cover
Peas October Direct/pots Dwarf/ hardy cultivars. Protection from birds
Radish August and September Direct Winter cultivars outdoors
Rocket August and September Direct August sowings may bolt
Shungika (Garland Chrysanthemum) August. September under cover Direct Very hardy and easy
Spinach August – early October Direct/ cells Excellent for late winter/ spring crop
Turnip August Direct/ cells Use hardier cultivars i.e. Golden Ball. Hard frost will spoil
Watercress September Trays/ cells Only under cover
Content kindly provided by Incredible Edible.

Our Story

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