Hi there.
We’re Grow To
Be Kind.

A movement encouraging people to plant fruits and vegetables at home to share freely with their local communities.

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Hi there.
We're Grow To Be Kind.

A movement encouraging kindness and community building through gardening and sharing.
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Grow fruits and vegetables at home, in your community, or with friends and family.


Whether it’s time in the garden or your excess produce, sharing is a great way to pass along all the benefits of growing your own food.


Help others in your community by telling them what you learned, lending a hand in the garden, or offering your extra produce to those in need.

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Here’s How to Share:

One of the awesome things about growing is that we often grow more than we need and need help growing a bountiful harvest.

Our goal at Grow To Be Kind is to connect those who are already gardening with people who want to grow, and facilitate ways for growers to share their excess produce.

Learn How Social Growing Builds Community Resilience

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Our Story

Around 10 years ago, we first heard about Incredible Edible, a global movement creating vibrant communities through the power of growing and sharing produce. Fast forward to today, with many confined to their homes and unable to get access to healthy food, this idea seemed more relevant to us than ever.

That’s why the teams at Temboo, Incredible Edible, and Mutualism have come together to lend our voices to the social growing message. Our hope is that our combined communities can play a small part in replicating the success of the original movement through a vibrant, sustainable network of growers and sharers.